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Mother Therese of Jesus, O. Carm. - Foundress of the Carmelite Monastery of Allentown

O. Carm. SealContact the Carmelite Nuns of
the Allentown Monastery

Located in Allentown-Coopersburg, PA


To contact the Carmelite Nuns of this Monastery with questions about the Shrine, visits to the Tomb of Mother Therese of Jesus, celebration of Mass, other inquiries of a general nature, and Vocational Inquiries, please write or call:

Carmelite Nuns
St. Therese’s Valley
3551 Lanark Rd.
Coopersburg, PA 18036-9324
(610) 797-3721

You may also contact the Carmelite Sisters by email:

General Inquiries:
carmelites {@} carmelite-nuns.com

Vocational Inquires may also be e-mailed to:
vocations {@} carmelite-nuns.com



“The Mercies of the Lord,
   I will sing forever..."

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